WING NUS Natural Language Processing (NLP) Seminar

Our group will be running our first NLP seminar in 2021 summer, tentatively from 20th May to 20th July (8 weeks). Invited speakers will talk about the latest breakthrough in their research. We will have eight invited speakers, each speaker for each week.

For interested public participants, please send Min an email at



10:00 AM May 27th SGT

When is SGT?

Muhao Chen: Understanding Event Processes in Natural Language

Muhao is an Assistant Professor @ University of Southern California

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21:00 PM June 1st SGT

Diyi Yang: Natural Language Processing with Less Data and More Structures

Diyi is an Assistant Professor @ Georgia Institute of Technology

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16:00 PM June 10th SGT

Patrick Lewis: PAQ: 65 Million Probably-Asked Questions and What You Can Do With Them

Patrick Lewis is a PhD Student @ University College London and Facebook AI Research

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10:00 AM June 17th SGT

Zhiting Hu: Text Generation with No (Good) Data: New Reinforcement Learning and Causal Frameworks

Zhiting is an Assistant Professor @ UC San Diego

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10:00 AM June 24th SGT

Jason C.S. Wu: Conversations as Knowledge: from Question Answering to Summarization

Jason is a Senior Research Scientist @ Salesforce AI Research

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10:00 AM July 1st SGT

Jacob Andreas: Implicit Representations of Meaning in Neural Language Models

Jacob is the X Consortium Assistant Professor @ Massachusetts Institute of Technology

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9:00 AM July 8th SGT

He He: Guarding Against Spurious Correlations in Natural Language Understanding

He He is an Assistant Professor @ New York University

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July 16th SGT 9:30 AM

Vered Shwartz: Commonsense Knowledge and Reasoning in Natural Language

Vered is a Postdoctoral Researcher @ Allen Institute for AI and University of Washington

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Organizing Team

Min-Yen Kan

Liangming Pan

Taha Aksu

Samson Tan

Yisong Miao